Eric Wuehler is a Principal Engineer in the Office of the CTO at McAfee. He is a seasoned developer and architect with more than 20 years of experience in product innovation, research and development with a strong focus in security since 2004. In his free time, Eric pokes around with mobile development, wires together homemade IoT devices, and is pleasantly surprised when a 3D print turns out on the first go. Figuring out ways to travel more with his family occupies the remainder of his time.

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Passwords, Revisited

Ahh, Passwords.  We have work passwords, personal passwords, super secret passwords, even throw away passwords.  Have you ever stopped to wonder how “secure” your passwords actually are?  Thanks to cybersecurity writer and researcher Troy Hunt, you can now check. Troy runs the website ‘;– Have I been pwned? and recently ...


What can Blockchain Do For Cybersecurity?

You can tell when a technology has reached its peak hype potential when things just start to get silly.  In the blockchain world, this is evidenced by athletes, artists and other public personalities tweeting, posting, or otherwise endorsing ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). These have ranged from Prediction Market blockchains, to ...


Beyond Bitcoin for Ransomware

Ransomware is bringing Bitcoin into popular culture and raising awareness about cryptocurrencies. In May, the price of Bitcoin surged to over US$2,800 before retreating. It remains the “go to” digital currency for ransomware authors due to its relative anonymity, ease of use, and popularity. As the ability for the public to acquire ...


How Do You Know How Secure Your Internet Connected Devices Are?

With the proliferation of devices connecting to your home router, have you ever wondered what all your devices are doing on your network? Hearing about hijacked baby monitors, spying dolls and stuffed animals leaking personal information is unfortunately becoming more commonplace. How safe are your fancy new doorbells, cameras, thermostats ...


Fingerprinting You and All of Your Things

Your phone checks your identity with your physical fingerprint. We also use the term ‘fingerprint’ to described methods of identifying software and hardware with algorithms that calculate a unique code based on the software structure, operating behavior, or other characteristics. Apps and devices can also potentially identify you by your ...

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