Javed Hasan is the Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliance at McAfee. Prior to joining McAfee, Javed was the SVP of Endpoint, IaaS and Datacenter Products at Symantec. Javed is proven leader with more than 20 years of experience in building successful, high growth product lines tuned for target segments and routes to market. He has managed more than 50 high revenue enterprise and consumer software products through entire product lifecycle . Javed is experienced in all aspects of product management including strategy, positioning, definition, pricing, launch, ongoing management, demand generation, support, and customer management. He has an extensive understanding of Enterprise, SMB and Consumer products, customers and businesses.

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Bridge the Gap Between the Security You Have and the Security You Need

Change happens – sometimes much faster than expected – like it has in 2020. When the threat landscape shifts suddenly, security professionals must quickly react and change their security posture. This not only means reconfiguring existing security investments but also adding new ones. But given the number of heterogenous security ...

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