Kaushik Narayan is responsible for the Cloud Business Unit at McAfee’s technology vision and software architecture. He is the former Co-founder and CTO at Skyhigh (acquired by McAfee, January 2018) and brings over 20 years of experience driving technology and architecture strategy for enterprise-class products.

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Cloud Security

McAfee Vision for SASE: Making Cloud Adoption Fast, Easy and Secure

While cloud services deliver on promised savings and convenience, keeping everything secure remains a moving target for many organizations. That’s because the enterprise perimeter has not only expanded, it has pushed the service edge to anywhere business takes you—or employees choose to go. Consequently, many organizations must uplevel how they ...

Cloud Security

How an Attacker Could Use Instance Metadata to Breach Your App in AWS 

Moving to a cloud-native architecture for your enterprise applications can deliver tremendous business value, adding scale and agility while off-loading onerous tasks like patching and upgrading server infrastructure.   However, in every cloud environment, whether AWS, Azure, GCP or others, there is a new category of risk. Cloud-native threats stem from ...

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