Kyle Smith is a Security Researcher for McAfee Labs and is located in the Plano office. He has been working in his current role for the past four years and provides analysis, detection and repair for malicious threats, unwanted programs, and handles inbound escalations from customers via the McAfee Support team. Kyle was promoted to his current position from a Technical Support role in the Malware Support Threat Escalation Group, and has extensive knowledge with several McAfee Products including ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee HIPS, SiteAdvisor. Kyle's current duties include responding to customer malware incidents, developing detection signatures and static and dynamic analysis of prevalent malware threats.

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Customers often ask us how to implement the suggestions provided in our blogs and threat advisories to better protect their environments. The goal of this blog is to do just that. By showing you how to better use our products, you’ll be able to protect against Emotet and other malware. ...


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