Markus Strauss

Markus Strauss is a Product Manager at McAfee, driving the future of the McAfee Database Security product line. He is a seasoned professional with 20 years’ experience in risk management and cybersecurity. Prior to McAfee, Markus spend time with GE, New Relic, and several other enterprise organizations where he held various leadership and technical roles. In his spare time, Markus enjoys working on his classic motorcycles and time or skill permitting, enjoys actually riding them along the Irish coastline.

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Why Traditional Database Security Doesn’t Protect Data

If we asked database administrators, security teams, and risk teams about their definition of what database security is, the answers would vary widely. Each team views the definition based on their own requirements, but the one answer that most likely won’t appear is: “To protect data.” Traditionally, database security has ...

McAfee Partners

McAfee Database Security in Rapid Deployment Mode

Location independent – speed is everything Deploying any software into the enterprise has always been a race against time. Every time someone has to manually install software, valuable time for business critical tasks is lost. Ever since the cloud became more than just something for start-up, fast paced companies, the ...

Cloud Security

The Cloud: Crossroads or Fast Lane for Enterprise Databases?

As someone who has enjoyed spending time with many a DBA (database administrator) over the years, and for better or worse has spun up a fair few DBMS (Database Management System) himself, I’m excited and also just a little scared of the potential that the hybrid cloud holds. It is ...

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