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Cloud Security

McAfee Integrates Security Solutions with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud (GCP) provides organizations with leading infrastructure, platform capabilities and industry solutions. Enterprise-grade cloud solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge...

Cloud Security

Containers and Cloud, a Horse and Carriage

Containers and Cloud, a Horse and Carriage The ability to bring new value to the marketplace fast is vital for...

Cloud Security

All The Hype About Containers

All The Hype About Containers Why all the hype about containers? Well, part of it is just something new (or...

Cloud Security

*Cloudy* with a Chance of Containers!

*Cloudy* with a Chance of Containers! By 2022 > 75% of enterprises will be running containerized workloads in production (May...

Cloud Security

What to Expect at AWS re:Invent 2019

The annual AWS re:Invent conference is nearing upon us, kicking off December 2nd in Las Vegas. McAfee is thrilled to...

Cloud Security

Women in Cloud Security: Doing Cybersecurity “Our Way”

At McAfee, we invite inclusion and shared real world prospective from local women leaders in the Chicago area on how...

Cloud Security

Mapping the Device-to-Cloud Security Ecosystem

Understanding a diverse Userbase At McAfee, when we build new products or features, we lead the initiative with user-centric design;...

Cloud Security

McAfee Now a Recommended Data Loss Prevention Provider for Microsoft Teams

A Solution Designed to Protect Cloud Collaboration Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that brings together people, conversations and...

Cloud Security

New Phishing Campaign Targets Office 365 Users—How You Can Stay Safe

As of April 2019, Microsoft boasted over 180 million monthly active Office 365 (O365) users and is adding 4 million...

Cloud Security

Cloud Market Share 2019: AWS vs Azure vs Google – Who’s Winning?

Cloud Market in 2019 and Predictions for 2022 Industry analyst firm Gartner predicts that the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market will grow by 27.5%...

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