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¿Cómo los hackers piratean los teléfonos y cómo puedo evitarlo?

¿Cómo los hackers piratean los teléfonos y cómo puedo evitarlo? La amenaza de que a uno le pirateen el celular se ha convertido en un temor común, y más que razonable. La dura verdad es que ahora es posible piratear cualquier teléfono. Con el progreso de la tecnología, donde la ...


Come posso impedire agli hacker di hackerare il mio telefono?

La minaccia della violazione del telefono da parte degli hacker è ormai una preoccupazione comune e razionale. In realtà oggi è possibile violare la sicurezza di qualsiasi telefono. Con il progresso della tecnologia e la diffusione della conoscenza tecnologica, gli hacker sono in grado di attaccare anche i software dei ...


O que é privacidade de dados e como posso protegê-la?

É importante manter certas informações reservadas. Se um estranho perguntar seu nome, é provável que você diga. Mas se um estranho perguntar seu número de conta bancária, é improvável que você diga. A privacidade de dados funciona da mesma forma. Se os dados ou as informações forem de alta importância, ...


How Do Hackers Hack Phones and How Can I Prevent It?

The threat of having your phone hacked has become a common fear. The truth is that it is possible to hack any phone. With the advancement of technology, where discovery of knowledge and information advances the understanding of technology, hackers are able to hack even the most sophisticated phone software. ...


What is Data Privacy and How Can I Safeguard It?

There is certain information that is important to keep to yourself. If a stranger asks for your first name, you are likely to tell them. But if a stranger asks for your bank account number, you are unlikely to tell them. Data privacy works in the same way, if the ...


ST17: Secure Remote Working with Raj Samani & Mo Cashman

In this podcast, McAfee’s Principal Engineer Mo Cashman and Chief Scientist & McAfee Fellow Raj Samani cover how to stay safe while working remotely.

Life at McAfee

10 McAfee Women Share Top Career Highlights

Looking to reach your career best? At McAfee, we invest in your growth and development to help you get there. In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked members of our McAfee Women in Security Community (WISE) to share their favorite experiences at past and present jobs, including what they ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Scams Facing Consumers in the New Digital WFH Landscape

With many people having their normal day to day life turned upside down, scammers are capitalizing on consumers’ newfound lifestyles to make a financial gain or wreak havoc on users’ devices. Let’s take a look at the most recent threats that have emerged as a result of the pandemic.   Fraudulent Relief Checks On Wednesday March 25, the Senate passed a relief bill that contains a substantial increase in unemployment benefits ...


Comment fonctionne l’usurpation de numéro de téléphone?

Comment fonctionne l’usurpation de numéro de téléphone? L’usurpation de numéro consiste à envoyer délibérément de fausses informations pour modifier l’identité de l’appelant. La plupart des usurpations se font à l’aide d’un service VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol – voix par protocole Internet) ou d’un téléphone IP qui utilise la VoIP ...


How To Stop Phone Spoofing

How Does Phone Spoofing Work? Call spoofing is when the caller deliberately sends false information to change the caller ID. Most spoofing is done using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service or IP phone that uses VoIP to transmit calls over the internet. VoIP users can usually choose their ...

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