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Endpoint Security Improves Protection and Lowers Costs

Do you remember life before high speed internet and the smartphone? Those of us who do might look back on the days of dial-up and clunky cell phones with nostalgia, but couldn’t imagine ever using them again. Since then, technology has continued to improve our lives and increase our efficiency ...

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The Latest Pawn in the Warranty Fraud Game? Fitbit Users

With great technology comes great responsibility. This is particularly true when it comes to protecting technology. And with more and more aspects of our lives becoming integrated with our tech, device security must be top of mind. Think about it: the way we bank, the way we work, and even ...

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New TeslaCrypt Ransomware Arrives via Spam

During the last couple of weeks, McAfee Labs has observed a huge increase in spam related to Nemucod, a malicious JavaScript that usually arrives as a .zip attachment and tries to download other malware. Nemucod is known to download threats such as Fareit, CryptoWall, and others. However, we have now observed ...

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SMS Phishing Campaign Spreads in China

Phishing messages and fake websites for stealing users’ credentials are a common occurrence. Recently, however, mobile banking users in China are facing a new wrinkle: phishing texts that appear to come from a major bank’s official number. The GSM standard is not a secure network because the authentication between mobile ...

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Security, By the Numbers, Is Big

When you quantify security, the numbers are big and plentiful. The reality of data being compromised is staggering, but we have immense opportunity to fight against the ever-evolving and rapidly expanding threat landscape. We must take these times seriously and move quickly, together, to help our customers stay protected. Data ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Behind the Mobile App: Your Data Exposed

Taylor Swift dropped a musical explosion when she released her music video for the song “Bad Blood” earlier this year. The song and its accompanying video captivated audiences as it depicted something many could relate to – being betrayed by a trusted peer. Who would have thought the basis of ...


McAfee Endpoint Security: What’s New?

Cyber-attacks continue to become more costly and sophisticated in nature and thus more challenging to do battle with. Especially given the growing attack surface and multiple vectors from a variety of sources waiting to wreak havoc.  Organizations need to stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals and evolve their approach in ...


Data Exfiltration, Part 2: Who’s After Your Data?

This blog was written by David Bull, McAfee’s former Director, Enterprise Solution Marketing. Welcome to the second episode of our data exfiltration blog series. We’ll be taking a close look at the innocent and not-so-innocent actors who compromise your valuable corporate assets (no, we’re not talking about the Hollywood variety!). ...

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Learn How to Spot a Phishy Email and Stay Safe

This blog post was written by Bruce Snell. One piece of advice I always give (after update, update, update) is to never click on a suspicious link.  A lot of times, those dodgy links are easy to spot, which is why cybercriminals try to be extra tricky to get you ...


Data Exfiltration: The Who, What, Why, Where, and How

This blog was written by David Bull, McAfee’s former Director, Enterprise Solution Marketing. Call it what you will—data loss, data leakage, or data breach—theft of valuable corporate information assets has indisputably become a pervasive global problem. Many security professionals in every sector have had the misfortune of experiencing at least ...

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