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You’ve Shipped that Life-Saving Medical Device. Now What?

We appropriately put a great deal of emphasis on security-by-design and incorporating the right technologies in IoT devices and systems to protect them. But as the threat landscape evolves, devices end up being used in new ways over the course of their lives. This is especially true in the rapidly ...

Mobile and IoT Security

The Most Important Mobile Security Resolutions for 2017

January gets a bad rap. A dreary month, the air is bitterly cold, and the days are so short that you could miss the daylight in the blink of an eye. At the same time, we try to stay positive and stick to our resolutions for the new year. The ...

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How ‘Switcher’ Malware Moves an Attack from Your Phone to Your Router

Why attack one device when you can get inside an entire network and manipulate every device connected to it? That’s ‘Switcher’ malware’s motto – the newest Android Trojan threat. It uses unsuspecting Android devices as tools to redirect all traffic from Wi-Fi connected devices on a given network to one ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Securing Today’s Connected Home

When thinking of cyber threats, malware, phishing, and data breaches typically come to mind. But as 2016 has shown us, threats don’t stop there. Cybercriminals are getting more and more creative and finding new, sophisticated methods of attack to access our data. One of the more successful methods as of ...

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2016 restera dans les annales comme «l’année du ransomware»

écrit par Bruno Labidoire. L’année 2016 a mis en évidence une forte recrudescence des menaces de type ransomware et la nécessité de mettre en place une architecture de sécurité avancée. L’émergence du bitcoin a permis d’anonymiser les transactions. Il joue un rôle important dans l’essor des attaques de ransomware. Certains ransomwares ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Medical IoT Manufacturers Given Guidelines on Lifelong Devices Security, Courtesy of FDA

2016 appears to have one more gift for us before calling it a year, and this time it involves both cybersecurity and the medical Internet of Things (IoT) devices — in a good way. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the federal agency charged with regulating food, drugs and medical ...

Trusted Advisor

7 Ways to Clean Up Those Sloppy Digital Habits in 2017

You’ve been fortunate over the years — no lost phone, no credit card fraud, no computer viruses. Still, deep down, you fear your sloppy digital habits will eventually catch up with you. So, instead of dread and denial, how about a little peace of mind? It’s a new year and ...

Consumer Threat Reports

OurMine Takes to Twitter, Hacking Netflix and Marvel Accounts

Another day, another OurMine hack. At least that’s been the notion of the past year, many of us in the cybersecurity community would say. So far in 2016, the infamous hacker group has made its rounds breaking and entering online accounts, from Mark Zuckerberg’s social profiles, to Minecraft accounts, to ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Super Mario Run Has Cybercriminals Sprinting to Exploit the Hype

Nintendo, one of the most popular gaming companies of the past two decades, has finally released its first game exclusively for iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. The game: Super Mario Run. The premise: the character Mario runs forward all the time while the user makes him jump around, stomp goombas (mushrooms), ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Holiday Travelers! Steer Clear of 3 Common Cyberthreats

The holidays are arguably the most magical time of year. From the twinkle lights and festive cookies, to cozy sweaters and hot chocolate around the fire, it’s hard not to get into the spirit. Of course, the holidays aren’t all joy and glee—they also bring more stressful moments, such as ...

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