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Cyber Insurance – an essential part of risk mitigation strategy?

Blog post by Hugh Deura Advancement of technology is deriving proliferation of threat landscape rapidly which extend attack vectors. With proliferation of automated tools available for cyber criminals; it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” there will be a security breach. There are two types of organizations in this ...

Consumer Threat Reports

A Billion Users Affected by Latest Yahoo Breach

Yahoo Inc. just revealed its second major breach in a year. Its first disclosure, taking place in September, claimed that cybercriminals stole data on more than 500 million users. Its second disclosure, taking place on Wednesday, announced that cybercriminals stole data on more than a billion of the service’s users. ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Ransomware Authors Intend to Give Victims a Choice: Infect Friends or Pay Up

  The 2002 horror film, The Ring, had an interesting play on its genre: socialize the scares — at least in the confines of the movie. The plot was simple: if you view a cursed VHS tape, you’re doomed to die unless you can pass it onto an unwitting victim. ...

McAfee Labs

‘SSL Death Alert’ (CVE-2016-8610) Can Cause Denial of Service to OpenSSL Servers

Recently we noticed a security patch has been published for the OpenSSL vulnerability called SSL Death Alert. As with other serious security vulnerabilities, this one grabbed our attention because the discoverer of the vulnerability says that it may cause a denial of service to an OpenSSL web server. To better ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Shopaholics: Beware of Risky Wi-Fi

As the days grow shorter and twinkly lights pop up on houses lining the block, one thing is clear: the holidays are here! ‘Tis the season for family outings and gift exchanges, which means spending hours at the mall, searching for perfect presents for loved ones (or sometimes, ourselves!). Cybercriminals ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Millions Possibly Affected by Newly Discovered Stegno Malvertising

When it comes to deception, cybercriminals have many options at their disposal. There’s phishing, where crooks posing as an authority figure attempt to trick victims into giving up sensitive information. There’s man-in-the-middle, where cybercriminals intercept traffic on a public or easily-accessed Wi-Fi network. But there’s one method of deception that’s ...

Consumer Threat Reports

What’s the Deal with Mirai? A Rundown on one of the Biggest Botnets

Every once in a while, a type of malware become so effective and prevalent that it dominates headlines for weeks. We have one type of malware fitting this description today. It is the Mirai malware, a malicious program that infects a plethora of internet-connected devices that fall under the Internet ...

Cloud Security

Cloud Services: Build or Buy?

Cloud computing is here to stay. Like it or not. But how does a cloud computing user know if the system is safe to store and process vital business and personal data? How do cloud service providers build the necessary trust, manage risk, and protect vital data in cloud systems? ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Why You’re Going to Have to Start Filtering Your Calendar Invitations

Sometime in November, Apple users began receiving unwanted calendar invitations on their devices. These invitations featured “amazing savings” and discounts on a variety of popular products. They were, of course, spam messages — akin to those you’d find in an email inbox. But this “calendar spam” is different than the ...

Consumer Threat Reports

From the Cloud to Drones: Threat Predictions for 2017

2016 has been quite the year. From widespread IoT attacks, to ransomware campaigns that extract millions of dollars, cyberthreats have continued to grow in size and impact throughout the past 12 months. And unfortunately, it looks like there’s no sign of slowing. With McAfee Labs releasing their 2017 Threats Predictions ...

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