Michael Ables

Michael Ables, Senior Spam Researcher, has been protecting customers from emerging and persistent threats in the email space for over a decade. With a focus on research and analysis, Michael has developed heuristic rules and maintained IP & Domain reputations to combat email-based threats. Based out of Denver, Colorado, he enjoys riding motorcycles and has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2016.

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McAfee Labs

Business Email Compromise Hurts Your Organization

As many workers do today, you probably get emails from your boss asking you to perform various tasks. You may also get unusual requests under unusual circumstances—perhaps to put out a fire for a big client or to impress a potential customer. Sometimes in haste you don’t follow standard procedures. ...

McAfee Labs

Current Campaign Delivers Hundreds of Thousands of Polymorphic Ransomware

You might have been getting out of bed when attackers started sending hundreds of thousands of fake invoices the morning of April 27. Between 5:45 am and 11 am Pacific time, the first phase of the operation was steamrolling along. The invoices sent with fake .rtf files attached were in ...

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