Nigel Hawthorn is based in London. He writes about data protection, privacy, user behavior and cloud security. He published a book called GDPR: An Action Guide for IT and talks regularly at industry events in front of senior decision-makers, IT teams and governance, risk and compliance. As well as securing cloud computing, he has experience in mobility, web filtering and networking technologies.

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Cloud Security

Top 10 Microsoft Teams Security Threats

2020 has seen cloud adoption accelerate with Microsoft Teams as one of the fastest growing collaboration apps, McAfee customers use of Teams increased by 300% between January and April 2020. When we looked into Teams use in more detail in June, we found these statistics, on average, in our customer ...

Cloud Security

Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Service for you and your Enterprise

I have been asked, “Which is the best collaboration and videoconferencing service?” many times in the last few days as we need to communicate with our colleagues, business partners and customers when working remotely. Just like there’s no “best” car, there’s also no best collaboration service, but here’s a few ...

Cloud Security

Cloud Security: Why You Need Device Control

With remote working, BYOD, employees using their own devices and shared access to collaborative cloud apps from business partners – we need to include device control when allowing access to our cloud services. Many cloud services have admin options to restrict access and functionality, sadly many of these features are ...

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is like Renting a Car!

Cloud security has many aspects and it is easy to miss the scale of the issue by taking a simple view.  For example, people may trust a particular cloud service provider and think that all security responsibility belongs to them, some people just look at the technical aspects (is data ...

Cloud Security

Top 10 Cloud Privacy Recommendations for Businesses

In the corporate world, privacy refers to employee/business data as well as customer/supplier data—you must safeguard both of them. Laws such as CCPA and GDPR, not to mention vertical market regulations, make it clear how important this issue is to regulators, who take into account the security tools in use ...

Cloud Security

Top 10 Cloud Privacy Recommendations for Consumers

It’s Data Privacy Day and when it comes down to it, most of us don’t know exactly how many organizations have our data—let alone how it’s being collected or what it is being used for. Unfortunately, the stakes are higher than ever for those who are unwilling to take appropriate ...

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