Prabhat is the Vice President of Engineering and leads the Data Insights and Engineering group at McAfee. He is responsible for McAfee’s global cloud based protection and security analytics infrastructure engineering and the SIEM product. A cybersecurity industry veteran, Prabhat has led McAfee through various technology pivots, ranging from design and engineering of the Global Threat Intelligence cloud, RealProtect Machine Learning cloud and McAfee’s INSIGHTS product

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Endpoint Security

Meaningful Context for Your Endpoint Threat Investigations

Threat intelligence (TI) — the art of distilling down everything that is happening globally in the adversarial threatscape and TI Programs – reducing  to what is necessary context for your company and your security team to know and take mitigation action against — is hard. Yet, many companies continue to try and create a threat intelligence capability from the ground up and find that their TI programs are not what they ...

McAfee Labs

Did You Check Your Quarantine?!

A cost-effective way to detect targeted attacks in your enterprise While it is easy to get caught up in the many waves of new and exciting protection strategies, we have recently discovered an interesting approach to detect a targeted attack and the related actor(s). Quite surprisingly, a big part of ...

McAfee Labs

Overcoming Targeted Attacks: a New Approach

Successful targeted attacks bypass security controls and typically cause significant damage to an enterprise. Damages may include reputation, monetary, and intellectual property losses. Many attacks leverage zero-day malware, which are malicious programs that security scanners miss on the day they are used for the first time. Several approaches are commonly ...

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