Rich Vorwaller is Director of Production Management for Public Cloud Security at McAfee. He brings over 12 years working in cybersecurity industry specializing in startups and cloud security. Prior to joining McAfee, Rich was Principal Product Manager at Shape Security (acquired by F5 networks) and held various product manager positions at Symantec, Alert Logic, Sophos, and Amazon Web Services. Rich holds an MBA from the University of Utah and a dual bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and Spanish from Weber State University. In his spare time, Rich enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and performing amateur standup comedy (emphasis on the word amateur).

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Cloud Security

You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Crown Jewels in Hopes of Better Cloud Security

If you’re like me, you love a good heist film. Movies like The Italian Job, Inception, and Ocean’s 11 are riveting, but outside of cinema these types of heists don’t really happen anymore, right? Think again. In 2019, the Green Vault Museum in Dresden, Germany reported a jewel burglary worthy ...

Cloud Security

With No Power Comes More Responsibility

You’ve more than likely heard the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility.” Alternatively called the “Peter Parker Principle” this phrase became well known in popular culture mostly due to Spider-Man comics and movies – where Peter Parker is the protagonist. The phrase is so well known today that it ...

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