Sekhar Sarukkai is a McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist of the Cloud Business Unit at McAfee. He brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise networking, security, and cloud services. Sekhar joined McAfee through the acquisition of market defining Cloud security company Skyhigh networks where he was co-founder and SVP of Engineering.

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Cloud Security

Source Code Leak – What We Learned and How You Can Protect Your IP

This week we learned about a leak of source code from 50 prominent companies, posted by a Swiss IT consultant. These come after another recent leak of source code from Nintendo, prompting us to comment on the issue of IP protection and secure development pipelines.   The latest leak appears to stem ...

Cloud Security

Working from Home in 2020: Threat Actors Target the Cloud

Like any enterprise, cybercrime focuses its resources where it can derive value, which is data. In the case of ransomware, data is held hostage for a direct monetary exchange, whereas many other data breaches seek to steal data and monetize it on dark web markets. These two methods are even starting to merge, with ...

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