Shishir Singh

Shishir Singh is the Vice President and General Manager of the Network Security business unit at McAfee. Before joining McAfee, Singh served as the Vice President of Engineering, Network Security, at McAfee and the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Cyphort Inc. Shishir holds Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, has presented and published multiple academic papers for IEEE, and has multiple patents pending in the area of behavior-based modeling for malware analysis.

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Security Operations

McAfee Network Security Platform:  Five Times a Winner

NSS Labs Recommends McAfee NSP NS9100 for Data Center Security That’s the takeaway from NSS Labs’ just-released test report on high-throughput intrusion prevention systems (IPS) for the data center, in which the McAfee Network Security Platform (NSP) NS9100 appliance won a hard-earned “Recommended” rating.  This is the fifth time that ...

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