Steve Grobman is senior vice president and chief technology officer at McAfee. In this role, he sets the technical strategy and direction to create technologies that protect smart, connected computing devices and infrastructure worldwide. Grobman leads McAfee’s development of next generation cyber-defense and data science technologies, and threat and vulnerability research.

Prior to joining McAfee, he dedicated more than two decades to senior technical leadership positions related to cybersecurity at Intel Corporation where he was an Intel Fellow.

He has written numerous technical papers and books and holds 30 U.S. patents. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from North Carolina State University.

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McAfee Consumer News

It’s All About You: McAfee’s New All-Consumer Focus

This week, McAfee took an exciting new step in our journey—we are now a pure-play consumer company. What does that mean for consumers? It means that McAfee will be able to focus 100% of our talent and expertise on innovation and development that directly enables and improves the products and services that protect you and ...

Executive Perspectives

Why SolarWinds-SUNBURST is a Wake up Call

On December 13, 2020, FireEye announced that threat actors had compromised SolarWinds’s Orion IT monitoring and management software and used it to distribute a software backdoor to dozens of that company’s customers, including several high profile U.S. government agencies. Game Changing Attack Vector This campaign is the first major supply ...

Executive Perspectives

US County Election Websites (Still) Fail to Fulfill Basic Security Measures

In January 2020, McAfee released the results of a survey establishing the extent of the use of .GOV validation and HTTPS encryption among county government websites in 13 states projected to be critical in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. The research was a result of  my concern that the lack ...

Security Operations

How We’re Using AI to Usher in the Era of the “Smarter SOC”

In 2020, months seem to feel like years. Amid rapid change, adaptation is essential. Cyber threats are no exception to this rule. Technology can solve complex problems but can also be destabilizing. We think about this paradox regularly as artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning gain prevalence in our field. ...

Executive Perspectives

McAfee Surveys Cyber-Threats in the Age of Coronavirus

Change is a constant in technology, and the greatest changes are often driven by major events that fundamentally reshape how people work and conduct business. In the Age of Coronavirus, more than ever, technology and cybersecurity must keep pace with disruption and change, adapt to adversity, and even accelerate their ...

Executive Perspectives

COVID-19 & Voting: When Paper is the Safest Election Technology

There are concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic will discourage voters from turning out to vote in person for this year’s U.S. presidential primaries and general election.  State governments are considering alternative voting processes to protect voters and election officials from infection at the polls. As strange as it may sound ...

Executive Perspectives

Cloud Security and Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector

I recently had the honor of testifying before the House Financial Services Committee’s Taskforce on Artificial Intelligence about two critical emerging issues in the financial services sector – cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Both have incredible potential for energizing the financial sector, but they also raise important security concerns. Financial ...

Executive Perspectives

A Robust Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Is Key To Our National Security

The Federal government has long struggled to close the cybersecurity workforce gap. The problem has continued to get worse as the number of threats against our networks, critical infrastructure, intellectual property, and the millions of IoT devices we use in our homes, offices and on our infrastructure increase. Without a ...

Executive Perspectives

McAfee CTO @ RSA: Catching Lightning in a Bottle or Burning Bridges to the Future?

I spoke last week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on the subject of AI related threats and opportunities in the cybersecurity field. I asserted that innovations such as AI can strengthen our defenses but can also enhance the effectiveness of a cyber attacker.  I also looked at some ...

Executive Perspectives

State County Authorities Fail at Midterm Election Internet Security

One of the things we at McAfee have been looking at this midterm election season is the security of election infrastructure at the individual county and state levels.  A lot of media and cybersecurity research focus has been placed on whether a major national attack could disrupt the entire U.S. ...

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