Taylor Mullins regularly advises our global customers in the areas of cyber threat management, threat intelligence, and their device-to-cloud data protection strategy. Taylor has been in the security space for five years and IT technology for over twenty years. Outside of work Taylor enjoys cycling, baseball, and spending time with his family.

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McAfee Enterprise

McAfee Enterprise Defender Blog | Windows Zero-Day – CVE-2021-41379

Threat Summary This month it was disclosed that a Microsoft vulnerability that allows for local privilege elevation, previously patched in...

McAfee Enterprise

McAfee Enterprise Defender Blog | OMIGOD Vulnerability Opening the Door to Mirai Botnet

This month Microsoft released patches for 86 vulnerabilities. While many of these vulnerabilities are important and should be patched as...

McAfee Enterprise

McAfee Enterprise Defender Blog | MSHTML CVE-2021-40444

Threat Summary Microsoft is warning its users of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 10 and versions of Windows Server that...

McAfee Enterprise ATR

McAfee Enterprise Defender’s Blog: Operation Harvest

Summary McAfee Enterprise’s Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team provided deep insight into a long-term campaign Operation Harvest. In the blog,...

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