Thibault Seret is a Security Researcher on the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team (McAfee ATR). He is currently focusing on ransomware analysis and research, reverse engineering and threat intelligence, and trying to fight against bad guys. Before joining ATR, he worked as a Cybercrime analyst in a banking institution with the mission to improve the digital forensics department, and as a CERT analyst on an IT services company where he tried to save the world with his teammate. He participates a lot in the security community and CTF competitions and is a teacher for the new generation of cyber defenders. For the Alliance !

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McAfee Defender’s Blog: NetWalker

Building Adaptable Security Architecture Against NetWalker NetWalker Overview The NetWalker ransomware, initially known as Mailto, was first detected in August 2019. Since then, new variants were discovered throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020, with a strong uptick noticed in March of this year. NetWalker has noticeably evolved to a ...

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