Are Some Phone Charging Cables Dangerous to Plug in?

By on Nov 05, 2019

We’ve all felt helpless as our phone’s battery dwindles in a moment of dire need. 25%…15%… 5%. The panic sets in, and suddenly, any port in the proverbial storm will do. You start outlet hunting and maybe even ask strangers if you can borrow their cable. But have you ever wondered whether every charging station and cable is safe?

On the latest episode of “Hackable?” we wanted to find out just dangerous it is to charge your phone with a hacker-modified cable. White-hat Craig Young ships our producer Pedro a secretly-sinister cable and together they launch an attack on host Geoff’s phone and computer. Listen and learn just how much low battery anxiety could put you at risk if you end up charging with the wrong cable!


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  1. Is there a place to read the information in this podcast? I don’t have the patience to listen to an article for a half hour that I could have read in less than 5 minutes. Could you please have a place to order transcripts?

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