Is a Laptop’s Password Enough to Keep it Secure?

By on Nov 20, 2018

It could happen to any of us. One minute your laptop is sitting on a coffeehouse table or going through airport security, the next it’s gone. Your personal files are all locked behind a strong password, but is that enough to keep off prying eyes?

In episode 19 of “Hackable?”, Geoff ships his laptop 1,000 miles to a white-hat hacker to investigate. Listen and learn if his password is enough, or if Geoff’s tax forms, social security number, and photos are compromised. 

Listen now to the award-winning podcast Hackable? on Apple Podcasts. You don’t want to miss this surprising episode.  

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  1. I don’t have iTunes and I don’t want iTunes. How else can I view the article?

    • Hi Irv,

      The icons in the blog post will link you to multiple other options to listen to our podcast.

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