Protect What Matters: Details on McAfee’s New Consumer Security Lineup

By on Sep 12, 2017

At McAfee, were always looking to see how we can continue to innovate to better protect consumers everywhere. Whether it’s working to better secure the home, or ramping up our anti-virus offerings, our goal is to provide the best protection possible. To that end, today we’re announcing our new consumer lineup, which has been designed to deliver even more efficient and effective protection and better address the threats today’s connected users face as well as key solutions that go beyond traditional AV.

McAfee’s core security suite – which includes McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe – now delivers even more efficient and effective protection from digital threats with expanded cloud-based behavioral analytics and machine learning capabilities .

Now, what are the specific enhancements for some of our products?

  • Top of the line anti-malware protection. Available for both PC and mobile, our anti-malware’s detection abilities, including protection against zero-day malware, continue to improve as the engine connects more endpoints and the cloud-based machine learning defends against attacks.
  • Redesigned user interface. This year’s lineup also has a redesigned user interface across both Windows and Mac computers, which highlights security reports aimed at educating and informing users about the latest threats.
  • Good news for Android aficionados. Android users will experience some extra support, as McAfee Mobile Security for Android features enhanced Wi-Fi security and ransomware removal.

Beyond improving the classics, we’re also focusing on innovation—after all, the attack surface has extended far beyond the PC. First off, there’s McAfee Secure Home Platform, which automatically protects all connected devices including Internet of Things devices and appliances on a user’s home network from a variety of threats. Then there’s McAfee Safe Family, which helps parents protect their kids from exposure to inappropriate digital content by providing app and web usage monitoring capabilities, time controls on devices and apps, location monitoring and more. Finally, we have McAfee Safe Connect, which allows users to securely connect to the internet through bank-grade encryption, helping protect them against attempts to capture sensitive information.

Long story short? We’re continually committed to helping consumers live their connected lives with confidence, in the areas that matter most: connected devices in the home, online safety for kids, and online privacy. And who wouldn’t want that peace of mind?

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