Global Managed Detection and Response: Managing EDR Without the Red Bull

By on Feb 26, 2020

Staying on top of threats 24/7, 365 days a year can overwhelm the best SOC analysts. The need for constant vigilance of cyber threats, not to mention security tasks such as new tool installs, running reports and investigations, followed by reporting to exec levels is becoming unsustainable – just like your supply of energy drinks.

McAfee’s new Global Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service with DXC Technology will provide 24/7 critical alert monitoring, managed threat hunting, advanced investigations, and threat disruption 365 days a year.

An ESG survey reveals the struggles SOCs face to improve security postures with limited talent and resources:

  • 58% of organizations cite employee skills as a key security effectiveness gap
  • 72% say analytics is more difficult than two years ago
  • 70% report having many manual processes as a limiting factor

Global Managed Detection and Response supports McAfee’s “We put the customer first” mantra, freeing SOC analysts from unnecessary operational burdens and empowering security teams to strategically fight adversaries.

McAfee MVISION EDR and endpoint protection products are at the core of this new MDR service. MVISION EDR is an advanced cloud-delivered EDR solution that leverages McAfee’s massive threat intelligence data to provide visibility and advanced threat detection capabilities. In addition to identifying threats, MVISION EDR provides AI-guided investigation that helps analysts make sense of the alerts and guides the investigation process, automating the time-intensive task of collecting and pinpointing key artifacts that are vital to the incident. With the ability to scale to the size of any enterprise, MVISION EDR is the perfect solution to detect and prevent attacks.

DXC Technology is McAfee’s first partner providing threat hunting, advanced investigation and remediation coordination, and will introduce in the future a complete managed service with 24/7 critical alert monitoring.

DXC Technology has a global presence with the support of 3,500-plus security professionals with deep specializations including SOC analytics, forensic investigation, and threat intelligence.

By combining the global security expertise of DXC Technology with our sophisticated automated AI-guided investigations, it allows SOC analysts to focus on resolving the incident and not lose time sifting through noisy alerts. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee and DXC Technology are enabling your teams to be freed from unnecessary operational burden and empowered to strategically fight adversaries. This high level of outside expertise can enable you to improve both your security posture and keep costs in check.

Whether you’re on the floor at RSA or at the W lobby bar, McAfee’s new Global Managed Detection and Response service with DXC Technology can turn your security conversation from how overwhelmed you are, to how much time you’ll have to disengage as well as how much money you’re going to save on Red Bull.

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