My Favourite Mothering Apps

I honestly don’t know where I would be without my favourite collection of apps. With four kids, too many pets, a job and a grown up social life, these little icons are like my secret weapon.
Whether we like it or not, we’ve all signed up to this fast-paced, digital world. It often feels like someone has pressed the ‘fast forward’ button on the remote and we’re all trying furiously to keep up.
But arm yourself with some whizz-bang apps and suddenly things seem a little easier. Think of it as a time gainer. So, without further ado, please let me share with you some of my favourite mothering apps that have got me this far!

  1. Google Maps

no brainer! Who has time to work out where you are going before you get in the car? I don’t! Love the fact that that if you lose data, the app still works – gold! Free!

  1. Woolworths App

I’m a big online shopping addict. This great app lets you purchase but most importantly, gives you real-time updates as to when the delivery driver will be knocking on your door. This is super-handy. It means you can get on with your life and not have to hang around the house for 3 hours. Free – apart from cost of your groceries!

  1. Relax Melodies

I have a child who just doesn’t sleep. This fantastic app pipes out a plethora of soothing tunes and noises. Personal favourites – campfire and frogs. I use the free version but there is a paid option.

  1. Steinway & Sons Metronome App

this allows me to ensure my budding musicians are playing in time while I peel carrots. Free!

  1. Artkive

this app has been super useful for my current and probably life-long decluttering project. It allows you to photograph and archive your kids’ bulky, space-greedy art projects. I now photograph and – when no-one is looking – bin! I know it sounds harsh but it’s survival. Free!

  1. Dragon Dictation

this is my latest fab find. Dragon Dictation uses voice recognition to type emails, messages, reminders or status updates. It’s like your own personal PA. And it seems to get our Aussie accent without any issues. I know you can do this on your iphone with Suri but I don’t seem to need to correct nearly as much with this app – which saves me time. Free!

  1. Stylish Girl

I am just starting to embrace this app but think it really could be a keeper. In summary, it allows you to take pics of your clothes and upload them to the app so you can mix and match your outfits. A great way of remembering winning combinations when you have 5 min to get dressed and out the door! Free – but there is also a huge amount of US-based items to purchase, should you choose to. I’m currently trying very hard to ignore.


my favourite go to recipe app when I am standing in the supermarket and its 6 o’clock. So many options and the reviews and ability to save your favourites is another great time saver for me. Free introduction then small monthly fee.

Alex xx

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