McAfee, Parental Controls, and Apple Devices = Safer Kids Online

Today we announced our McAfee® Family Protection iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ Edition. McAfee now provides strong parental controls to keep young people safe when they are browsing the Internet on an Apple mobile device. McAfee released McAfee Family Protection for the PC in June 2009.

According to data released by Admob in 2010, 65 percent of iPod touch users and 13 percent of iPhone users are below the age of 17. According to The Internet Safety Technical Taskforce in a December 2008 survey, twice as many kids own an Internet-enabled mobile device versus a computer.

McAfee® Family Protection iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Edition offers website and search filtering. The program will automatically block age-inappropriate sites, such as known pornography web sites, as well as filter Google search results. It also includes location tracking for Apple devices that are equipped with GPS technology.

Parents can also view usage statistics, including visited websites and access times, as well as add and remove custom websites while having the option to remotely disable all Web browsing.

From McAfee Chief CyberSecurity Mom, and my pal, Tracy Mooney:

“Many parents don’t consider online dangers when providing their kids with an iPod touch or passing on their old iPhones to them. Even if they are trying to monitor on a regular basis, it’s nearly impossible to know what they’re searching for,” said Mooney. “I’ve tried to be vigilant about checking in from time to time to see what my kids are doing online, but I know that my kids have more access now than ever with their mobile device. This product will help parents be at ease when they are equipping their kids with the latest technology.”

McAfee Family Protection iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Edition is available for download now at the iTunes App Store and For more information about McAfee mobile please visit the McAfee Mobile site.

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