The Decluttering Bug

I have a confession to make – I think I have become addicted to decluttering. Perhaps it is the by-product of living amongst the mess and chaos of 5 men! When I have a spare few minutes, I am filling garbage bags and delivering boot loads of pre-loved items to the Salvos.

Now please don’t get the wrong impression – my house is not tidy or under control. With five messy males, 2 cats and a dog – a tidy house is simply a fantasy for me!!

So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite online hacks that I have used along my decluttering journey. Some of them have been indispensable while others have become completely addictive!!!

  1. Spotify

music to get you in the mood is essential. Create a playlist and get the tunes pumping. You’ll be more productive! I have a specific decluttering playlist that gets me motivated! You can get the free version or a premium account.

  1. Howards Storage World

my favourite organisation store. I am loving their shoe storage options, particularly the over the door shoe holders – gold!

  1. Artkive

with 4 kids and boxes full of ‘special art works’, Artkive is a game changer. Simply photograph your treasures’ special artworks and save it online. You can choose to print books, coffee cups and even tshirts with these masterpieces… should you choose to! This app has reduced boxes of clutter in my study.

  1. Pinterest

uploading piles of recipes torn from magazines to Pinterest has significantly reduced piles in my study. When I was at my ‘messiest’, I had a drawer full of recipes to make that I had ripped from magazines. I am pleased to report that the drawer is now empty!!

  1. Evernote

digitising documents and filing them in Evernote is a great way of reducing clutter and ensuring you have fast access to important documents when you need it. Why not scan and file tax receipts, school reports, medical information? The sky is almost the limit (except the really important items such as birth and marriage certificate, passports and property title deeds).

  1. Wunderlist

technically not a decluttering app but definitely one for the organisation tool box. Wunderlist is a super duper to-do list manager which will help you manage your decluttering. This brilliant app send alerts and reminders and ensures you get stuff done.

So, get your tunes pumping and start downloading. Who’d have ever thought that apps could be so life changing!

Till next time

Happy Decluttering!

Alex xx

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