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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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McAfee Enterprise ATR

The Bug Report | September 2021: CVE-2021-40444

Why am I here? There’s a lot of information out there on critical vulnerabilities; this short bug report contains an...

Family Safety

How to Help Seniors Spot Online Job Scams

Sadly, online job scams targeting older adults have been an issue for years. However, in a pandemic job market, cybercriminals are working overtime...

Consumer Cyber Awareness

Top 10 COVID-19 Scams: How to Stay Protected

The COVID-19 pandemic flipped the world on its head in so many ways. Offices and schools stood empty while living...

McAfee Enterprise

Executive Spotlight: Q&A with SVP of Global Channels, Kathleen Curry

For this week’s executive spotlight, I’m highlighting Kathleen Curry, senior vice president, Global Enterprise Channels at McAfee Enterprise. Curry was...

McAfee Enterprise ATR

Operation ‘Harvest’: A Deep Dive into a Long-term Campaign

A special thanks to our Professional Services’ IR team, ShadowServer, for historical context on C2 domains, and Thomas Roccia/Leandro Velasco...

McAfee Enterprise ATR

McAfee Enterprise Defender’s Blog: Operation Harvest

Summary McAfee Enterprise’s Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team provided deep insight into a long-term campaign Operation Harvest. In the blog,...

Mobile Security

Smartphone Security: Five Steps Beating and Blocking Robocalls

Some scams can make a telltale sound—rinnng, rinnng! Yup, the dreaded robocall. Not only are they annoying, but they can also hit you in the pocketbook.   In the U.S., unwanted calls...

Mobile Security

Android malware distributed in Mexico uses Covid-19 to steal financial credentials

Authored by Fernando Ruiz McAfee Mobile Malware Research Team has identified malware targeting Mexico. It poses as a security banking tool or as a bank...

Mobile Security

Before You Download: Steer Clear of Malicious Mobile Apps

Cybercriminals like to get in on a good thing. Case in point, mobile apps. We love using apps and they love making bogus ones—malicious apps designed to harm phones and possibly the person using them.  ...

Family Safety

How to Talk to Your Grandparents About Cybersecurity

According to research from the FBI and FTC, cybercrimes against older adults cost more than $650 million in losses each year. Why? Unlike millennials and Generation Z,...

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