Together is Power: Why McAfee Partnered With British Telecom Group

Cybersecurity threats are growing in both number and strength day by day, making it almost impossible for any one person or organization to maintain a secure environment. This threat is potent, often indiscriminate, and puts both organizations and consumers at risk. Protection, therefore, requires an equally powerful and robust response.

But building a strong response to modern cybersecurity threats requires a concerted and distributed effort. That’s why we’ve partnered with British Telecom Group (BT), one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom, to provide a comprehensive security solution that helps BT Broadband customers protect themselves against viruses with McAfee as the underlying cybersecurity technology.

The shift to the focus on security was due in part to a recent survey BT conducted to customers, asking about their digital landscape and what concerns they have over the future. A significant portion of those who participated in the survey (60 percent) said they see the value in cybersecurity protection and would recommend the service.

That’s reassuring for us at McAfee to hear, but it underlines the point that folks around the world are waking up to the need to join forces, orchestrate, and fight against cyberattacks. This need for additional protection also provides businesses with the opportunity to differentiate themselves as adding a security benefit to their offerings also enhances consumer appeal and trust.

BT, in particular, will give its subscribers a complete Security solution which includes McAfee protection called BT Virus Protect, which supports up to 15 devices including computers and Android phones and tablets. The BT Security offering also  automatically keeps kids safe with built-in parental controls. This package incorporates network and device security, call blocking, cloud backup and McAfee Password Manager – TrueKey. It’s a holistic solution for, as BT puts it, a simple reason.

“Keeping our customers safe online is a key priority for BT. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive free online security tools of any major UK broadband provider,” Andrew Kirkpatrick General Manager of Digital Products and Security for BT Consumer said. “To help us achieve this, we have a long-standing partnership with McAfee to provide their award-winning anti-virus to our customers.”

Every time we join forces against cybercriminals, we create the right conditions for a more secure digital world. That’s because a collective response to cyberthreats is better than going alone. Because together is power.

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