How Password Managers are Saving the Day

As I get older, I am convinced that my memory is fading.  Whether it’s names, places or even passwords, my memory is just not what it used to be.

In an effort to boost my neurological faculties, I decided to take tap dancing classes about 2 years ago. And while I am pleased to report that this has had some positive benefit—there is still a long way to go!

Like most average punters, I have an extensive list of online accounts and sites that I have usernames and passwords for—and we all know that to truly protect ourselves online we should never use the same password more than once.  So managing the vast abundance of online passwords and usernames with my deteriorating neurological faculties is nothing short of a nightmare!

Some very smart developer must have felt our stress and so the concept of a password manager was born. A password manager is an online tool that helps create and remember usernames and passwords for your online accounts.

Clearly the biggest advantage in using a password manager is that you don’t need to remember your passwords. But this translates into another great benefit—it is now possible to have strong, truly unique passwords for every single online account, affording you more protection. You simply set up a master password and then the password manager then generates all other passwords for you. Shazam!

Another great benefit of a password manager is that it saves you time. A password manager will fill in your username and password automatically when you go to your account website which means you save time typing them in. Now if you are a heavy Internet user or time poor (hello—who isn’t?) then this is a great bonus.

McAfee LiveSafe™ service offers a password management function that not only generates unique and complex passwords for all online accounts, but securely manages them as well. It also works across all your devices and syncs automatically—again this is a massive time saver!

So, feel free to take up tap dancing or sudoku puzzles but the pressure is off. Password managers are here. Now just don’t forget to install it!

Till Next Time,

Alex xx

P.S. McAfee LiveSafe is your top of the line Rolls Royce Internet protection solution for all your devices.  In addition to protecting you against viruses and malware, it offers a password manager, protection for your mobile devices and secure cloud storage that allows you to store important documents such as passports securely in the cloud.

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