Family Safety

Could You Have a Toxic Relationship with Your Smartphone?

It’s the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about: our devotion to and dependence on our smartphones. For most of us, our children included, smartphones have become an appendage; a limb of voracious digital consumption and social obligation that keeps us scrolling, refreshing, swiping, and responding with no ...

Family Safety

Family Tech: How to Save Your Vanishing Attention Span

Researchers have published a handful of studies in the past few years that examine the impact of technology on the human brain and our dwindling attention spans. One study even compares our now eight-second attention span (down from 12 seconds in the year 2000) to that of a goldfish. While ...

Family Safety

McAfee Survey: Parental Input on Tech Safety Declines as Kids Get Older

It’s natural for parents to gradually extend a child more freedom and responsibility as that child matures. Finding the magic formula of how much to hang on and how much to let go and in what areas is the holy grail of parenting tween or teenager. A recent McAfee survey echoed ...

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