Executive Perspectives

Trend Countdown: My Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

This blog post was written by Penny Baldwin. Marketers, take note: A killer digital marketing campaign is no longer about a banner ad campaign and a lukewarm social presence. If you’re not staying on top of user behavior and of-the-moment trends, you’re not going to win over your market share. ...

Executive Perspectives

Three Pillars for A Stronger Content Strategy

This blog post was written by Penny Baldwin. The content marketing trend is in full swing. Now, the question is not whether to create your own branded content—it’s how to serve up the most digestible assets to a targeted audience, and actually see ROI. As marketers, we produce a lot ...

Executive Perspectives

A Graduate’s Guide to Landing a Job in Marketing

This blog post was written by Penny Baldwin. Today’s job market is a foreign landscape when compared with what it was when I graduated college from San Francisco State University. At that time, applying for entry-level job positions was about a strong resume and cover letter as opposed to what ...

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