Executive Perspectives

Check for the Security-First Mindset Across All Teams

We know we need to encourage our teams to think security-first across every department. But what does this really mean in a practical application? For security companies, it might be less of a leap to bring a security mindset to legal, procurement, or marketing teams. For organizations with their core ...


Take a Holistic Approach to Reviewing Security Strategy

The first step in building a culture of security in an organization is embedding it into your vision and values. Creating a foundational commitment to security among all employees establishes a strong first line of defense. With that in place, the next step is reviewing each area of the business ...

Executive Perspectives

A Culture of Security is Built on a Strong First Line of Defense

With the pressure of digital transformation on companies today, executives need to consider how to keep their organization safe amidst rapid change. Most businesses cover their security bases with the basics: advanced analytics, technology using machine-learning and AI, and baseline protocols. But in the face of today’s rising threats, the ...

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