Overcoming the Attacker Advantage: The New Role for Endpoint Security

This blog was written by Candace Worley, McAfee’s former Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist. In the continuing battle between cybercriminals and information security, the criminals currently hold the upper hand. They know almost everything about our defenses, but we only know about the threats that we can catch. We ...

Endpoint Security

McAfee DXL: Momentum toward an Open, Integrated Security Architecture

This blog was written by Scott Montgomery, McAfee’s previous vice president and chief technology officer of public sector. It takes a village. With today’s vast cybercriminal network churning out sophisticated attacks by the minute, it’s virtually impossible for any single security solution to combat today’s threats alone. For years, organizations ...

Enterprise Executive Perspectives

The New and Next at McAfee

This blog was written by Chris Young, McAfee’s former CEO. At McAfee we’re re-defining how we envision security, beginning with a new, strategic focus on the threat defense lifecycle. That’s why in the coming days, weeks, and months you’ll see and hear us make a number of moves that layout ...

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