Out Innovating the Adversary, Part 2

My last post discussed the challenges of working to out-innovate our adversaries given the growing variety of objectives they might pursue, and the growing variety of methods they might use in pursuit of those objectives. As mentioned, part of the answer to these challenges lies in thinking differently about threat ...


Out Innovating the Adversary, Part 1

Deep down, if I think about who I am, I’m a scientist who loves to solve problems. If you think about cybersecurity, its problems are unique in that we are not only competing against industry competitors, we are also competing against the adversaries behind the cyber-attacks. My recent keynote at ...


Your New Cybersecurity Tools Are Already Aging – We Can Help

In the booming industry of cybersecurity, we see increasing numbers of threats all the time. Here’s one that puts things in perspective: Since 2015 we have seen the number of new malware reported quarterly has more than doubled. In Q1 2017, our research discovered there were 244 new threats every ...

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