McAfee Enterprise

McAfee Helps You Commit to the Cloud with Confidence

Hybrid environments—whether they are private clouds bridging to public clouds or traditional data centers bridging to public clouds—have become the...

Cloud Security

New Server Security Release Makes Borderless Cloud Security a Reality

This blog post was written by Teresa Wingfield. Cloud Workload Discovery, first announced in July 2016, covered Amazon Web Services...

Cloud Security

How is Security Integrated into DevOps – DevOpsSec, SecDevOps, or DevSecOps?

The world is awash in DevOps, but what does that really mean? Although DevOps can mean several things to different...

Cloud Security

McAfee: navigating security for the hybrid cloud

This blog post was written by Sandy Orlando. As a Sci-Fi fan, the journey to the cloud reminds me of...

McAfee Enterprise

Securing the distributed enterprise: Are you flying blind?

This blog post was written by Raja Patel. As a pilot, flying an aircraft, visibility is fundamental.  In cyber security,...

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