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Building a Sustainable Model for Cybersecurity Talent

Depending on whose study you believe, there is going to be a shortage of 1.5 million or more cybersecurity professionals in 2020.

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Is Your SOC Caught in the Slow Lane?

This blog was written by Jason Rolleston. Everybody’s got a device. And the data on that device is moving into...

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Black Hat: Humans Collaborate and Team with Machines to Work Smarter

This blog was written by Barbara Kay. Work smarter, not harder. I’ve always liked that mantra (I told my mom...

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What WannaCry Means for the SOC

In addition to the endpoint and network operational efforts for WannaCry, this outbreak presents great learning and response opportunities for...

Security Operations

Expanding Automated Threat Hunting and Response with Open DXL

Today everyone is talking about security automation. However, what are the right processes and actions to automate safely? What are...

Security Operations

OpenDXL Case Study: Sandbox Mania featuring Cuckoo and Wildfire

This blog was written by Barbara Kay. To unleash creativity, my middle school art teacher occasionally offered up all the...

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