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Prevent the Next Petya: Block New Exploits by Defending Vulnerabilities

This blog was written by Nat Smith. For ransomware enthusiasts, the April release of stolen NSA Windows exploits is a...

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Petya More Effective at Destruction Than as Ransomware

At the beginning of the recent Petya malware campaign, the world was quick to exclaim this attack was ransomware. Now,...

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New Variant of Petya Ransomware Spreading Like Wildfire

The world woke up today to another ransomware outbreak wreaking havoc throughout companies’ networks. This time, the family causing the fuss is Ransomware Petya, a nasty variant that encrypts files and the computer’s master boot record (MBR), rendering the machine unusable.

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Petya is Here, And It’s Taking Cues from WannaCry

Just over a month after the infamous WannaCry attack, a new worldwide cyberattack is here again. Its name is Petya, or Petwrap, it’s...

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