Consumer Mobile and IoT Security

Cybercrime’s Most Wanted: Four Mobile Threats that Might Surprise You

It’s hard to imagine a world without cellphones. Whether it be a smartphone or a flip phone, these devices have truly shaped the late 20th century and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But while users have become accustomed to having almost everything they could ever want ...

Family Safety

Vacation Checklist: 5 Easy Ways to Help Secure Your Family’s Devices When Traveling

With this writing, we’re joyfully en route to a much-anticipated Florida vacation. A sneak peek into our car — and the thousands of other cars headed south on Interstate 4 — offers a reflection of family life today. Mom has her earbuds on and is listening to her newest audiobook, ...

Family Safety

Does Your Family Need a VPN? Here are 3 Reasons it May Be Time

At one time Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) used to be tools exclusive to corporations and techie friends who appeared overly zealous about masking their online activity. However, with data breaches and privacy concerns at an all-time high, VPNs are becoming powerful security tools for anyone who uses digital devices. What’s ...

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