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Necurs Botnet Leads the World in Sending Spam Traffic

In Q4 2017 we found that the Necurs and Gamut botnets comprised 97% of spam botnet traffic. (See the McAfee...

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‘McAfee Labs Threats Report’ Examines Cryptocurrency Hijacking, Ransomware, Fileless Malware

Today McAfee published the McAfee Labs Threats Report: March 2018. The report looks into the growth and trends of new malware, ransomware, and other threats in Q4 2017. McAfee Labs saw on average eight new threat samples per second, and the increasing use of fileless malware attacks leveraging Microsoft PowerShell. ...

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McAfee Researchers Find Poor Security Exposes Medical Data to Cybercriminals

Those who have successfully gained access to medical data have been well rewarded for their efforts. One seller stated in an interview that “someone wanted to buy all the … records specifically,” claiming that the effort had netted US$100,000.

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McAfee Researchers Analyze Dark Side of Cryptocurrency Craze

In December 2017 Bitcoin values skyrocketed, peaking at the unprecedented amount of roughly US$19,000 per coin. Unsurprisingly, the market for...

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Operation Dragonfly Analysis Suggests Links to Earlier Attacks

On September 6, Symantec published details of the Dragonfly campaign, which targeted dozens of energy companies throughout 2017. This attack...

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Looking Into the World of Ransomware Actors Reveals Some Surprises

During the preparations for our keynotes at McAfee’s recent MPOWER conference, we brainstormed a few topics we wanted to share...

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McAfee Labs Reports All-Time Highs for Malware in Latest Count

In the third quarter of 2017, McAfee Labs reports all-time highs of new and total malware. What is causing the...

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McAfee Labs: Faceliker Surge Manipulates Facebook “Likes” to Promote News, Other Content

Criminals excel in manipulating the trust within human relationships, particularly as individuals project themselves into digital realms such as social...

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What Is Script-Based Malware? How to Stay Protected from This Cyberthreat

When you hear the word “script,” you probably think of either a movie script, or JavaScript. Though most of us...

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Misuse of DocuSign Email Addresses Leads to Phishing Campaign

DocuSign, which provides electronic signatures and digital transaction management, reported that email addresses were stolen by an unknown party on...

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