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Tips for Effective Threat Hunting

This blog was co-written by Ramnath Venugopalan. In May, McAfee surveyed more than 700 IT and security professionals around the world to better understand how threat hunting is used in organizations and how they hope to enhance their threat hunting capabilities. You can read the full study: Disrupting the Disruptors, ...


How Thinking Like an Attacker Makes You a Better Threat Hunter

In the race against cybercrime, like in a chess game, threat hunters are constantly trying to get one step ahead of the opponent, trying to predict what the next movement will be. Evidence suggests, however, that most organizations struggle to catch up with the pace, with their defenders (also commonly ...


Black Hat: Humans Collaborate and Team with Machines to Work Smarter

This blog was written by Barbara Kay. Work smarter, not harder. I’ve always liked that mantra (I told my mom I wasn’t procrastinating: I was planning!), and this approach is especially needed in security operations. Today at Black Hat, McAfee announced a wealth of ways we are helping analysts and ...

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