My Best Online Tips To Get You Sorted For Christmas

Every year I promise myself I am going to be super organised for Christmas. Invariably, I fail. But this year, it’s going to be different. I am going to nail it!!

Here are my goals:

  1. All presents to be purchased and wrapped by the December 10 (well, just about done!)
  2. All cards (handwritten this year) to be sent by the December 15 (all posted, tick!)
  3. Christmas Day Menu to be decided on by December 18 (it’s coming together…)
  4. Christmas party outfits to be sorted ASAP (although weather this week gives pause)
  5. Domestic life to be under control: all necessary help & jobs sorted

So, how am I managing to pull this off? Well, by using my favourite online sites and apps which I’d love to share with you. Please note – these are my personal favourite sites and in no way endorsed by McAfee. 🙂

Christmas Presents

Here are my favourite online stores – in no particular order. I have used them all for presents – with great success. But remember, technology is top of everyone’s wish list this year. So, make sure you check out the tech stores on the list too.

  • – everything – free delivery over $100 – can collect in store.
  • – great clothes for teens – free delivery over $50.
  • – free delivery over $100 – same deals as in store – love their fragrances!
  • – the best online for anything beauty. Free worldwide delivery!
  • – my fave online bookstore. Free delivery! Hard to beat on price.
  • – online department store – cheap.
  • marketplace – amazing handmade unique items. Great for special gifts.
  • Digital World International ( – everything. Deal of the day. Definitely worth a look.
  • JB Hi-Fi ( – our family’s fave tech place. Push them for a deal :)!!
  • – you can often snag some great items here!
  • – anything is possible here. Watch out for their sales.

Christmas Cards

This year I’m going retro and will be sending our cards in the mail, but I’m a huge e-card fan. Whether you’re doing ‘snail mail’ or email, these sites will help you get on track.

  • – love, love, love. E-cards, slideshows and you can also print your cards. Great site.
  • – Hallmark e-cards are  a great option too. I’ve used them plenty of times.
  • – If you want personalised paper cards, this is where you need to go. Often have fab deals.

Christmas Menus

Jamie, Donna and Nigella are my ‘go-to’ guys for any sort of Christmas gathering. They never let me down. Here are some handy links to their best Christmas info and recipes.

  • Jamie Oliver ( – Jamie has just launched a dedicated Christmas Cookbook which might be worth checking out. Cheapest via Book Depository.
  • Nigella Lawson ( – Nigella also has a dedicated Christmas cookbook, Nigella Christmas. So hard to decide which to buy!
  • Donna Hay ( – We regularly have ‘Donna’ Christmases. Her food is simple and fabulous.

Where to buy?

A full fridge and wine cabinet will mean you can whip up your culinary masterpieces with no delay. I love the fact that some of these online stores offer same day delivery.

  • – free delivery for over $300.
  • – Aldi, Ikea & Coles home delivery.
  • Aussie Farmers Direct ( – new partnership with Weight Watchers – meals ready to cook in a box!

Christmas Fashion

Knowing you have a few outfits ready to go for end of year festivities is essential. But no need to hit the shops, check out my favourite online stores – most offer free returns.

  • – delivery in 4 hours – easy returns!
  • – Great fashion & homewares. Join their loyalty program. Free delivery over $100.
  • – Join up & watch out for the deals in your inbox – often 25% off storewide.
  • – free delivery – extraordinary range of fashion for everyone.
  • – this site matches clothes with your body shape. Genius!

Christmas Help

Keeping domestic life in harmony is essential this time of the year. However with Santa gearing up for his biggest day of the year, it can often be hard to get good help. But never fear – there are some great online options. Here are some of my tried & tested places – maybe look for something similar near you.

  • – great way to find a babysitter for Xmas events!
  • – another great online directory for child carers.
  • – book a cleaner online.
  • – outsource your ‘must-do’ tasks – anything & everything. A brilliant concept!

Take Care You Shop Safely Online

Before you reach for your credit card, please remember to shop safe online and take note of the following:

  • Type in the sites of the stores you want to shop from – don’t click on links, they could be fraudulent.
  • Only buy from sites that display a padlock/key symbol and a ‘https’ at the start of the address.
  • Check out the store’s Privacy Policy; if you’re not happy with how they secure your information, don’t shop there.
  • Do NOT buy from sites that have typos or look ‘dodgy’. Follow your gut. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a site, ‘Google’ it and check out the reviews.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi when shopping. A hacker may be waiting to intercept anything you share with the shopping site including your credit card information and private details.

I know it seems a little overwhelming but I believe a calm and centred Christmas could actually be achievable. The experts say it’s all about planning and time efficiency – a gene that I was not naturally blessed with!! So, get online and get sorted – you’ll be surprised what you can achieve from the comfort of your couch!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Alex x

PS Please remember to be safe when hitting the online shops. Only deal with trusted stores, ensure the address starts with a https and has a padlock, use a credit card instead of a debit card – better consumer protection, avoid deals that are just too good to be true, and avoid purchasing over public Wi-Fi. Have fun. xx

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