VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private and secure method of connecting to the Internet. When running a VPN on any device—tablet, mobile phone, computer—all network traffic to and from your device is encrypted 24/7 as it travels from your device, through your VPN, and then finally to you, as the end-user. Encrypting your network traffic helps protect you from cybercriminals trying to gain access to passwords, sensitive financial information, and all other private or personal data.

The immediate benefits of any VPN are twofold:

  • Reliable Online Privacy

Your VPN replaces the IP address of your device(s) with a separate IP address, effectively concealing your location.

  • Reliable 24/7 Online Security

Your VPN securely encrypts 100% of your data as it’s distributed through the Internet. This encryption ensures that third parties will have a harder time accessing your information as you browse.

Whether it’s for gaming or simply online browsing, a VPN is still one of the most straightforward yet reliable first lines of defense. And it works well together with other online solutions like antivirus and safe browsing.

Is a VPN Good for Gaming?

Installing a gaming VPN can affect your gaming experience. Whether it’s a good or bad effect depends on your choice of VPN. A poor VPN service can slow down your connection and compromise your privacy as you play your favorite games. On the other hand, a reliable VPN service can bring numerous benefits to gamers—including faster speed and unrestricted access to gaming content. VPN is good for gaming if you choose the best and most reliable option for your device.

Why You Should Get a VPN for Gaming

Having a VPN offers numerous benefits and advantages to gamers and Internet users. If you want to optimize your gaming experience no matter where you are in the world, keep these factors in mind.

1. Upgrade Your Connection Speed and Performance with a VPN

Your connection speed is critical for the full enjoyment of all types of online games. Lagging, buffering, and any slowdowns will definitely ruin your online fun. When searching for top VPNs for gaming, make sure that your choice will effectively protect your data traffic without noticeable dips in speed. You can check gaming VPN connection speeds through the following steps:

  • Use speedtest.net to record your standard connection speed before connecting to your VPN. Internet speeds fluctuate, and it can affect the accuracy of this process. Follow this step to get an accurate baseline.
  • Record your connection speed after connecting to your VPN. This process will provide any or all critical percentage decrease in download speed per test. Run as many tests as you feel to get the most accurate average decrease information.

Some ISP have been found to purposely limit user connection speed via throttling some apps that need internet access—online games are regularly a target for throttling—, a reliable fast VPN will provide you a stable connection that ISP can’t block or slow down so you can enjoy consistently faster speeds. A fast VPN is absolutely critical if you’re in the market for smooth online gaming.

4. Get Reliable Online Security While Gaming

We already mentioned online safety, so we must stress that you need to consider the highest level of security when it comes to gaming. And that can be a solid, all-inclusive security suite like McAfee Total Protection, which offers antivirus and other security features for online gamers. Gaming is global fun, but you need to be secure at all times while getting down in a world full of players.

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How Do I Use a VPN for Gaming?

You can use a reliable VPN to upgrade your gaming experience and access more gaming content worldwide. To use one, you have to sign up for a VPN service, download the VPN application, and launch the service. Before playing a game, choose a server location and connect.

Which VPN is Best for Gaming?

Ideally, the best VPN for gaming is one that can provide consistent connection speeds, large server networks, and excellent security features all at the same time. You need something that won’t interrupt your gaming sessions.

Which VPN Is Best For PUBG and Other Multiplayer Games

You need a gaming VPN that can provide unrestricted and lag-free gaming sessions if you want to play PUBG and other multiplayer games. Multiplayer games require consistent teamwork and demand various functions from one player, so it’s best to have a VPN that will never cut your connection from your teammates. The best VPN for these types of games are the ones that offer ultra-fast connection and large server networks.

Which VPN Is Best For CoD and Other FPS Games

If you love playing Call of Duty (CoD) and other first-person shooter (FPS) games, the best VPN service for FPS games should offer excellent security on top of speed.

Stay Safe With McAfee While Gaming

Play your favorite multiplayer and FPS games with McAfee Secure VPN and McAfee Total Protection. This gaming VPN is the 24/7 cybersecurity you need to have safe and lag-free gaming sessions. While it’s established that speed is crucial in gaming, a VPN that can provide the best of both worlds should still be the best option.