VPN for Macs

Many Apple users improve their device and data security by using additional layers of protection, such as a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private and secure method of connecting to the Internet. When running a VPN on any device—tablet, mobile phone, computer—all network traffic to and from your device is encrypted 24/7 as it travels from your device, through your VPN, and then finally to you, as the end-user. Encrypting your network traffic helps protect you from cybercriminals trying to gain access to passwords, sensitive financial information, and all other private or personal data.

The immediate benefits of your VPN are twofold:

  • Complete Online Privacy

Your VPN replaces the IP address of your device(s) with a separate IP address, effectively concealing your location.

  • Reliable 24/7 Security

Your VPN securely encrypts 100% of your data as it’s distributed through the internet. This encryption ensures that third parties will have a harder time accessing your information as you browse.

Apple has made plenty of smart moves to secure its products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need antivirus or additional layers of security for your Mac. And it does not mean your Mac has built-in protection from data-hungry hackers, pop-up advertisers, or ISPs. This downside is why a solid, reliable VPN service is something Mac users need to seriously consider.

Can I Use a VPN for Mac and Other Apple Devices?

Apple restricts the use and installation of third-party applications on its devices, but you can still use a compatible VPN for Mac without a problem. Mac has built-in support for connecting to a VPN.

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Does My Mac Really Need a VPN?

Hackers and malware authors can still find loopholes in Apple’s security ecosystem, particularly in the MacOS operating system. So, even if you’re not particularly stressed about cyber threats beating your MacOS, a VPN remains a legitimate layer of defense against threats like identity theft, some forms of hacking, and malware invasion. Especially if you’re in the habit of using public Wi-Fi—something we strongly advise against—using a VPN compatible with your Mac makes for a reasonable, responsible, and ultimately smart choice.

How Do I Get a VPN for Mac

You can download and install a third-party VPN for Mac on the App Store. Just search the VPN app you’re looking for and download it on your device. There are a number to choose from, but McAfee Secure VPN comes with your McAfee Total Protection subscription, giving you the best of both worlds for encryption and virus protection.

Apple offers simple set-up instructions for your Mac and your VPN choice. For manual setup and installation, enter the VPN’s configuration settings in Network preferences. These settings may include the server address, account name, and password.

Picking The Best VPN For Mac

To find out which is the best VPN for Mac in the market, you need to consider your needs and online habits. First off, consider your VPN’s overall usability in regard to its compatibility with your Mac. As such, you’ll want a reliable VPN service with a connection speed that can match your MacOS’s system speed. Take into consideration the following features and conditions before choosing a VPN:

  • Anti-tracker capacity– An important Mac feature.
  • Your VPN’s general compatibility with Apple’s continually upgraded privacy policies- This is especially important for any long-term commitment.

Network speeds can vary when you use a VPN, so finding one that has a stable, fast connection is important. Especially if you play online games or watch videos. You’ll want a fast connection so you’re not waiting for your video to buffer.

With multiple devices in a multi-generational household, you should strongly consider a VPN service that allows for multiple, simultaneous connections with a single subscription. This is a common industry feature but one you should be aware of before you subscribe.

Macs and VPNs

Along with the increased popularity and necessity of VPNs, an increased range of VPN services now provides comprehensive and affordable subscription plans for Mac. Selecting the most reliable VPN for Mac that best suits your specific needs may take some time and research, but remember that secure protection from cyber threats is an invaluable commodity moving forward into the future. An industry leader like McAfee, for example, offers a strong contender for your Mac with its Secure VPN service.

Many Apple users believe that their Macs are immune to common cyber threats, but looking ahead to the continued evolution and widespread proliferation of cybercrime, built-in security may still step on loopholes. With that, we say that while VPN antivirus protection for your Apple PC, laptop, or iPhone may not be strictly necessary, it’s worth serious consideration.

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Final Thoughts

If you made up your mind and chose to download a VPN for Mac, make sure to back your choices with your online preferences, needs, and habits. You can only select the best VPN for Mac if you consider the features that can actually help you. An expensive VPN subscription is not precisely the best choice. The best VPN, regardless of the price, should make your online experiences secure and limitless.