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Security News
McAfee 2023 Threat Predictions: Evolution and Exploitation
As 2022 draws to a close, the Threat Research Team at McAfee Labs takes a look forward—offering...
Family Safety
BeReal – The Newest Kid On The Social Media Block
Without doubt, the biggest criticism we all have of social media is that everyone always looks fabulous!...
Family Safety
‘Tis the Season for Holiday Scams
This time of year, the air not only gets chillier but a bit cheerier for everyone …...
Family Safety
How To Help Your Family Protect Their Online Data
Whether you’re standing around the water cooler at work, waiting for your kids at the school gate...
Internet Security
Let’s Make Security Easy
We streamlined the experience in our products to simplify what you see, while still offering robust protection. After all, true...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Unwrapping Some of the Holiday Season’s Biggest Scams
Even with the holidays in full swing, scammers won’t let up. In fact, it’s high time for...
McAfee Labs
Fake Security App Found Abuses Japanese Payment System
Authored by SangRyol Ryu and Yukihiro Okutomi  McAfee’s Mobile Research team recently analyzed new malware targeting mobile...
Tips & Tricks
What Are Tailgating Attacks and How to Protect Yourself From Them
Whether you’re spending time on the web or working in the office, you want peace of mind...
Privacy & Identity Protection
McAfee Personal Data Cleanup: Your Partner in Living a More Private Online Life
Do yourself a favor: Open a new browser tab and head to your search engine of choice....
Internet Security
What is Antivirus and What Does It Really Protect?
Authored by Dennis Pang What is antivirus? That’s a good question. What does it really protect? That’s...
Privacy & Identity Protection
“This Connection Is Not Private” – What it Means and How to Protect Your Privacy
Have you ever been browsing online and clicked a link or search result that took you to...
Internet Security
How to Tell Whether a Website Is Safe or Unsafe
It’s important to know that not all websites are safe to visit. In fact, some sites may...

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