Asheer is a Security Researcher at McAfee. He is actively involved in reverse engineering, malware analysis and network traffic analysis.

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McAfee Labs

‘Operation Sharpshooter’ Targets Global Defense, Critical Infrastructure

This post was written with contributions from the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team.   The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team...

McAfee Labs

Analyzing Operation GhostSecret: Attack Seeks to Steal Data Worldwide

McAfee Advanced Threat Research analysts have uncovered a global data reconnaissance campaign assaulting a wide number of industries including critical...

McAfee Labs

W97M Downloader Serves Vawtrak Malware

McAfee Labs recently found a variant of the W97M macro malware downloader that runs the Vawtrak malware. Although W97M usually...

McAfee Labs

Rovnix Downloader Updated with SinkHole and Time Checks

McAfee Labs has found that the latest Rovnix downloader now comes with the capability to check for the sinkholing of...

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