McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research Operational Intelligence team operates globally around the clock, keeping watch of the latest cyber campaigns and actively tracking the most impactful cyber threats.

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Are Virtual Machines the New Gold for Cyber Criminals?

Introduction Virtualization technology has been an IT cornerstone for organization for years now. It revolutionized the way organizations can scale...

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McAfee ATR Launches Education-Inspired Capture the Flag Contest!

McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team just completed its second annual capture the flag (CTF) contest for internal employees. Based on tremendous...

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On Drovorub: Linux Kernel Security Best Practices

Intro In a U.S. government cyber security advisory released today, the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation warn...

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Take a “NetWalk” on the Wild Side

Executive Summary The NetWalker ransomware, initially known as Mailto, was first detected in August 2019. Since then, new variants were...

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Tales From the Trenches; a Lockbit Ransomware Story

Co-authored by Marc RiveroLopez. In collaboration with Northwave As we highlighted previously across two blogs, targeted ransomware attacks have increased...

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Analysis of LooCipher, a New Ransomware Family Observed This Year

Co-authored by Marc RiveroLopez. Initial Discovery This year seems to again be the year for ransomware. Notorious attacks were made...

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Spanish MSSP Targeted by BitPaymer Ransomware

Co-authored by Marc RiveroLopez Initial Discovery This week the news hit that several companies in Spain were hit by a...

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LockerGoga Ransomware Family Used in Targeted Attacks

Co-authored by Marc RiveroLopez. Initial discovery Once again, we have seen a significant new ransomware family in the news. LockerGoga,...

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