Baker Nanduru currently serves as Head of Consumer Product at McAfee and is responsible for all consumer products globally. He is a seasoned product leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in consumer and small business market-leading companies like Symantec, GoDaddy, and several startups. A proud Cal-Berkeley alum, he is passionate about enriching consumer lives with product and business model innovation. He is an avid runner, coaches his kid's basketball teams and mentors entrepreneurs & product managers.

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Consumer Cyber Awareness

What is a VPN and Can it Hide My IP Address?

There’s a lot of misinformation about Virtual Private Networks, what they do, and the security benefits they offer. For this article, I’d like to do...

McAfee Consumer News

Identity Protection Service: The Best Solution to a Growing Problem

I’m about to tell you an extraordinary fact about cybercrime. Some of the most significant data breaches in internet history...

Consumer Cyber Awareness

Private browsing vs VPN – Which one is more private?

As people turn to the Internet for news and answers to tough questions, it only makes sense that it would...

Identity Protection

World Password Day: Make Passwords the Strongest Link in Your Online Security

World Password Day isn’t the most popular day on the calendar, but it’s an important reminder that good password hygiene...

Mobile and IoT Security

Fraudulent Apps that Automatically Charge you Money Spotted in Google Play

Google’s Android operating system has been a boon for the average consumer. No other operating system has given so much...

Family Safety

PC Gamers (and Parents of Gamers) Rejoice!

Of all the pastimes that took off during the pandemic, it’s not surprising that online gaming was one of them....


Let’s Make Security Easy

Let’s Make Security Easy I’ve been hearing a lot lately about tech and information overload, which is understandable given that...


True Security Requires a Holistic Approach

True Security Requires a Holistic Approach Driving along the coast, I sometimes wonder what makes a boat reliably float. After...


Let’s Commit To Protect Our Privacy This Year

Let’s Commit To Protect Our Privacy This Year How our new identity & privacy app can help By this point...


Don’t Let Tax Fraud Ruin Your IRS Refund

Don’t Let Tax Fraud Ruin Your IRS Refund Here’s how to lock down your data this tax season Tax season...

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