Bing Sun is a senior security researcher, and now he is leading the IPS security research team of McAfee. He has extensive experiences in operating system kernel and information security technique R&D, with especially deep diving in advanced vulnerability exploitation and detection, Rootkits detection, firmware security and virtualization technology. Moreover, Bing is also a regular speaker at international security conference, such as XCon, Black Hat and CanSecWest.

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McAfee Labs

Microsoft’s June Patch Kills Potential CFG Bypass

After applying Microsoft’s June patch, we noticed some interesting changes that prevent a security bypass of Windows’ Control Flow Guard (CFG). The changes are in the Shader JIT compiler of the Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (WARP) module (d3d10warp.dll). The Shader JIT compiler could formerly be used to create a CFG ...

McAfee Labs

McAfee Adds Flash Exploit Detection to NSP 8.2

Adobe Flash vulnerabilities and exploits have worried users and security professionals for many years. The situation today remains serious. A quick search of the National Vulnerability Database shows 277 vulnerabilities reported in Flash Player since 2011. For Flash zero-day attacks (which means that there was no patch from Adobe when ...

McAfee Labs

2014 Threats Predictions: Network and Host Attacks Will Again Target Adobe and Microsoft Apps, Java

This post is one in a series of articles that expand on the recently released McAfee Labs 2014 Threats Predictions. In this and related posts, McAfee Labs researchers offer their views of new and evolving threats we expect to see in the coming year. This article was written by Bing ...

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