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McAfee Labs

Pay-Per-Install Company Deceptively Floods Market with Unwanted Programs

For the past 18 months, McAfee Labs has been investigating a pay-per-install developer, WakeNet AB, responsible for spreading prevalent adware such as Adware-Wajam and Linkury. This developer has been active for almost 20 years and recently has used increasingly deceptive techniques to convince users to execute its installers. Our report ...

McAfee Labs

Ransomware Families Use NSIS Installers to Avoid Detection, Analysis

Malware families are constantly seeking new ways to hide their code, thwart replication, and avoid detection. A recent trend for the delivery of ransomware is the use of the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) with an encrypted payload. The list of the most common families using this technique is diverse and ...

McAfee Labs

Variant of Pony Botnet Pickpockets Bitcoin Users

Last month the Pony Botnet became a household name when it was revealed that it had stolen more than two million social networking account passwords. This rather eye-catching headline is a side effect of the data that the botnet actually steals, which includes stored passwords, cache, and cookies from the ...

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