Chris Palm

Chris Palm has 20 years of experience focused on the intersection of technology, business, and policy, where issues of security and privacy are shaping how technology impacts our lives. He has worked to tell these stories with technology leaders such as McAfee, VeriSign, Symantec, Entrust, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Intel Security.

As a director of corporate communications for McAfee, Chris manages executive public relations, thought leadership/research, and crisis and issues communications for the organization’s Office of the CTO, McAfee Labs, and the Advanced Threat Research group.

Chris holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BA in English Language and Literature from University of Southern California.

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McAfee Strategic Intelligence/Shamoon 2 Q&A Blog

McAfee has linked a series of cyber-attacks in Saudi Arabia to a common malicious actor rather than to individual cyber gangs in the region. McAfee Strategic Intelligence researchers, working closely with McAfee’s Advanced Programs Group, have released evidence that a series of cyber-attacks targeting the Persian Gulf and, specifically, Saudia ...

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“Troyanización” de Aplicaciones Legítimas en Aumento

El reciente Informe de Amenazas de McAfee Labs: Diciembre de 2016, ilustra cómo los atacantes están creando malware difícil de detectar infectando código legítimo con troyanos, y aprovechando esa legitimidad para que permanezcan ocultos tanto tiempo como sea posible. El autor, Craig Schmugar de McAfee Labs, también recomienda políticas y ...

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¿Es necesario consolidar sus SOCs?

El Informe de Amenazas de McAfee Labs: Diciembre de 2016 reveló los resultados de una encuesta que midió el estado de los centros de operaciones de seguridad (SOC). El siguiente es un extracto de este artículo. Hace unos años, los SOCs parecían estar siguiendo el camino de los dinosaurios, la ...

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2016: Un Año de Rescates

El Informe de Amenazas de McAfee Labs: Diciembre de 2016 ofrece una visión general de cómo ha evolucionado el ransomware en el transcurso del año pasado y cómo ha respondido la industria. Hasta finales del 3er trimestre, el número de nuevas muestras ransomware totalizó 3,860,603, lo que representa un aumento ...

McAfee Labs

“Trojanization” of Legit Apps on the Rise

McAfee today released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: December 2016. The report’s third key topic illustrates how attackers are creating difficult-to-detect malware by infecting legitimate code with Trojans and leveraging that legitimacy to remain hidden as long as possible. Author Craig Schmugar of McAfee Labs also recommends policies and procedures ...

Security Operations

Do You Need to Pull Up Your SOCs?

This week’s McAfee Labs Threats Report: December 2016 revealed the results of a survey gauging the state of the security operations center (SOC). The following is an excerpt from this article. A few years ago, dedicated SOCs seemed to be going the way of the dinosaur—the era of big rooms ...

McAfee Labs

2016: A Year at Ransom

This week’s McAfee Labs Threats Report: December 2016 provides an overview of how ransomware has evolved over the course of 2016, and how the industry has responded. Through the end of Q3, the number of new ransomware samples this year totaled 3,860,603, an increase of 80% since the beginning of the year. ...

McAfee Labs

How ‘Weaponized’ Medical Data Could Be as Damaging as Clinton’s Emails or Trump’s Videos

The 2016 presidential election in the United States will be remembered for a great many things. Never before in US history has the disclosure or nondisclosure of personal information figured so prominently in public debate. Never before has the ability to compromise and disclose personal information been used as a ...

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No More Ransom, ahora con partners de seguridad pública en 13 países más

McAfee y Kaspersky Labs anunciaron que 13 organismos de seguridad pública se han unido a No More Ransom, una asociación entre la industria de la ciberseguridad y las organizaciones de seguridad pública, para proporcionar a las víctimas del ransomware capacitación y herramientas de descifrado mediante McAfee, Kaspersky Labs, la ...

McAfee Labs Executive Perspectives

CTO Q&A: Campaign Hacks, Yahoo! and Clinton-Trump

Over the last several days, we’ve seen headlines on potential cyberattacks on state voter registries, cybersecurity front and center in the Clinton-Trump presidential debate, and new revelations into the Yahoo! cyber-breach that appears to have compromised more than 500 million user accounts. McAfee CTO Steve Grobman fielded a number of ...

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